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  Sizing chart
Enter your measurements in centimetres. Instructions are given below the form.
1. Ball circ:
2. Ankle circ:
3. Calf circ:
4. Top calf circ:
5. Leg height:
6. Foot length:
7. Shoe size:
8. US,UK or EU


  1. Ball of foot: Measure the circumference around the ball of your foot (metatarsal).

  2. Ankle: Measure the circumference around your ankle.

  3. Calf: Measure the circumference around your calf.

  4. Top calf: Measure the circumference around your leg just below your knee. This is how wide the mouth of the boot will be.

  5. Leg height: Measure your inside knee height from the sole of your foot to just below the back of your knees.

  6. Foot length: Length of your foot from longest toe to heel.

  7. Shoe size: Your shoe size for formal shoes (not sports shoes).

  8. US,UK or EU: The sizing system that you used for your foot size above. We prefer UK or EU sizing systems.

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Use the form below to contact us. If you are sending us your leg measurements for mail-ordering, please fill in all fields marked *. If you haven't already done so, click here to send us your leg and foot measurements.

Note: Fields with * are mandatory.